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All dishes are served with steamed rice
Beef Negi9.50
Thinly sliced Beef cooked with Bul-Goki sauce
Beef Teriyaki9.50
Thinly sliced Beef cooked with teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Chicken8.50
Thinly sliced chicken cooked with teriyaki sauce
Tempura Delight8.50
Chicken, shrimp and vegetable tempura served with tempura sauce
Lemongrass Chicken8.00
Thinly sliced chicken sautéed with lemongrass
Sweet & Spicy Shrimp9.00
Grill shrimp cooked in sweet and spicy sauce
All dishes are served with house Salad
Kaizen Combo 111.00
California roll, 3 pieces sake Maki, 3 pieces tekka Maki
Kaizen Combo 215.00
3 Pieces Sushi, 3 Pieces Sashimi and Tiger Eye Roll
Sushi/Maki Combo13.00
4 Pieces of variety sushi and Spicy salmon roll
Sashimi/Maki Combo13.00
5 Pieces of variety sashimi and Una-Avo roll

- Consuming Raw or undercooked seafood, shellfish, eggs, meat or poultry may increase the risk of food borne illness.