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kunman Jun 04, 2008

I just have to get the word out about this place. My wife and mother-in law went a few weeks back and could not stop talking about it. They had some Sushi and entrees and loved every bite. So I had to go. Finally made it last weekend and I am in love to. Oh and I don't like fish. Kind of strange I know. But I got the Sushi with veggies and one with Steak. Had the tempura appetizer and got the chocolate cake for dessert. Everything was awesome. My wife got the real sushi and said it was the best she ever had. The drinks alone are enough to go back. The Flirtini is amazing. Here is a link to the website

I would suggest everyone in the area or passing through stop and check this place out. It's worth it!

julie Feb 14,2009

Kaizen is our favorite new resturant and we go out to eat ALOT. Great atmosphere, prompt service, and the sushi is the best we've ever had! We've been there quite a few times now, and never once been dissapointed!

Dianna Feb 12, 2009

Great service....amazing sushi! We go about once a month & everytime the quality of the sushi is wonderful. It can get full on a weekend so reservations are recommended.

Greta K. Feb 15, 2009

For a small (and adorable) town, Sturbridge has a pretty good restaurant selection. We ended up going here on Valentine's Day for dinner and we had reservations, which was a very good thing. Another couple we went with had been there once before and highly recommended it for a nice meal. Since we were sushi lovers, we agreed that would make for a delicious V-day treat. I really liked the decor-- the walls were a mint green color and there were Japanese-type adornments all over the place. The only weird thing was a random caucasian girl in a yukata (a one-layer kimono) walking around randomly with the hostess). It reminded me of Zach Braff wearing eyeliner in an Asian restaurant in "Garden State."

On to the meal-- we ordered appetizers of a breaded tofu (the name escapes me) and pork gyoza. Also, the boys each got seaweed salad and the girls had a few bites. All were delicious and the salad had a bit of a kick to it. We actually ordered seven rolls of sushi for our entree to split amongst the four of us. The ones I can remember now were a hamachi roll (yellow tail), a sweet potato roll (I could eat sweet potatoes forever), a low-carb roll (which was very good), some kind of shrimp tempura roll called a Red Sox roll (I just want to say that with a Japanese accent), a rainbow roll, a caterpillar roll (with unagi and avocado), and a roll whose name escapes me, but nonetheless, delicious. The fish was of good quality and the presentation was beautiful. The girls ordered a molten chocolate cake for dessert to split, but by mistake the waitress brought out two. However, she was very polite and took it back to the kitchen without charging us. Also, this dessert was only $7.00, not $12.00 (see Oishii Too in Sudbury review), so that was an improvement. We gave the server a nice tip for her service because considering it was Valentine's Day and quite busy, she was a very attentive and personable waitress.

Next to Baba, this is one of the best sushi places in central Mass.

LisaB9173 June 19, 2009

What an amazing surprise! This is one of our new favorites in the area. My husband and I enjoyed the unique Sake Sangria and a variety of sushi. The suzuki (striped bass) was top notch...the "love roll" (lobster tempura, mango, avo, fresh tuna) was equally delicious. We saved room for a beautifully garnished espresso chocolate dessert. Quaint but hip ambience. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone! We will be sure to return ...often!

tracyl4443 April 23, 2009

This is the best sushi restaraunt in the area. The food is so fresh and they design fantastic sushi ingredients and mix it with fresh fruit and exotic flavors. The sushi chefs are extremely funny and entertaining. The staff make you feel welcome and remember you from previous visits. The sushi is reasonably priced and you just can't beat the fantastic tasty food and sushi.